Here come the stories

The photos are important, and they are almost all I have. In many cases there are no stories to go with the photos. Only thoughts and imaginings. So if there are stories, I will communicate them as best I can. If there are no stories, I will communicate my feelings. I'll try to make clear which is which.


The little house on

Gwendolyn Street

Is the photo in the sidebar the same family (minus the son) as the family in the banner photo? Is that my grandmother again holding a kitty?

My great-grandparents at one time owned four houses (according to my dad) which is perhaps why the street number on this house varies with the one listed in the Directories.


My Grandma had a kitty

It looks like a kitty to me that she's holding in her arms so gently and firmly as she stands still for the photographer. The photo was taken in summer, when there are leaves on the trees and heavy coats are left in the closets.

My Grandma had a job

At the Grain Exchange in Winnipeg, where she met my grandfather. I don't think he's one of these fellows. I never met him. He passed on before I was born.